You can now manage Google Chrome for your entire company

Post date: 17-Apr-2013 12:29:13

This has made managing Google chrome so easy and is a big bonus for IT departments who want to common setup across their company. Schools and colleges gain much needed features allowing them to manage access for students and teachers independently, ideal for those adopting Google Apps For Education and Chromebook.

Now you can configure and manage your entire companies Chrome web browser policies centrally from your Google Admin Panel. Not just chrome, but also any Chrome devices that you have. If you want to stop your users attaching external drives to your Chromebooks, now you can.

When this was first announced, I was expecting access to administer just a handful of policies, however I was amazed to discover that you have the ability to customize 100+ Chrome policies for users. That means employees will be able to access pre-loaded applications, custom themes, or a private app web store from any computer.

Policies can also be applied to individual organisational groups, so you don't have the problem of applying a policy needed just for the accounts department company wide.

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Also added is support for older web apps through Legacy Browser Support

When companies use browsers that are two or more versions old, employees and developers are unable to benefit from the incredible web innovations of the past four, or even ten years. With Legacy Browser Support, users on Chrome are automatically switched to a legacy browser when they begin using an older app. Admins can simply define which sites should launch from Chrome into an alternate browser, and then set this Chrome policy for all employees.

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By Chris Barrow

Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller