Spanning Create New Free Tool For Google Drive

Post date: 26-Apr-2012 20:33:51

Spanning have Made a New Free Tool!

Spanning Stats for Google Drive

Try out this new free tool from Spanning, it's a great way to view how your users have used the G Drive (Google Docs) over time and it has a lot of fancy graphs and charts :-)

Google Drive makes it easy to share files, collaborate, and access your data from anywhere on any device. But how are you and your organization actually using it?

  • How has your use of Google Drive changed over time?
  • How much of your storage is being consumed by movies, music, and photos?
  • Who are the power users in your domain?

Find out now with our latest free tool,Spanning Stats for Google Drive. It's like your own personal Drive usage infographic. Install and view a report for your account, your users' acounts, or your entire domain.

For more info, check out the blog post here.