New Google+ Features for Enterprises

Post date: 20-Aug-2013 09:52:13

Google have announced three significant updates to Google+ for Enterprise.

  1. Improved mobile support for Google+ users
  2. Launch of the domains API
  3. Launch of domain labels for profile cards on the desktop

Having more than one Google+ account, the multiple account login certainly makes things a lot easier on my Android. I no longer have to log out of one account and into another, which was a pain. This still does not mean you don't need to switch accounts if you want to upload photo's to the correct Google+ account.

I now get notifications from my business, personal and Scout accounts direct from the Google+ app and can reply from the correct account automatically.

The changes to to add domain labels now makes it easier to ensure you are posting to the correct person in your company domain and with the added benefit of being able to restrict Google+ conversations to your company domain if required.

Below is list of changes that came out in the latest Google update notification:

1. Improved mobile support for Google+ users: The updated Google+ mobile app includes support for post restrictions, the addition of domain labels, and multiple account login. With this new functionality it is now possible to do the following on the Android Google+ mobile app:

Post Restrictions

Apps users can now create restricted posts on the updated version of the Google+ Android app just as they can on desktop. Restricted posts can’t be shared outside the author’s organization, so they can have private conversations that are only visible to co-workers Apps admins can set defaults for new posts to help users share with the right people. In addition, users will have indicators that illustrate if a post is restricted or not, and won’t be able to change that if re-sharing.

Domain Labels

Users will also see domain labels on the Google+ Android app in two main areas to help them make sure that they share with the right person: Auto-completes (including +mentions) and Profiles.

Multiple account login

The Google+ Android app features multi-login support with the ability to easily switch between accounts.

2. Launch of the Google+ Domains API: The Google+ Domains API allows customers and partners to integrate their applications with Google+ and streamline actions like creating posts, adding comments, or assigning circles. These methods can only operate within a Google Apps domain. They include:

  • Write restricted posts and comments on restricted posts (a restricted post can never be shared outside the domain)
  • Read posts authored by users in the domain along with comments on those posts (even if those comments have been authored by people outside the domain)
  • Manage circles and circle membership

Here are some enterprise specific use cases users will be able to accomplish using the new Google+ Domains API:

Pre-populate Circles

By pre-populating circles, admins can ensure new employees are welcomed into Google+ with relevant and interesting content by colleagues and leadership from the moment they first sign in. It also makes it easy for employees to send posts to, or start hangouts with, specific teams.

Monitor Posts

Organizations can track and monitor shared content for compliance and archiving purposes, as well as to catch unintended external sharing. Admins can read posts and comments authored by users in the domain, comment on posts, and review with whom employees have shared content.

3. Launch of domain labels for profile cards on the desktop

In January, we launched domain labels to help users find and share with co-workers more easily by identifying people in their domain in share and +mention auto-completes and when hovering over profile pictures. Domain labels also appear in profiles, and starting today they will appear in Google+ search results and profile cards in Google+'s "People" section as well to help users share with the right people.

By Chris Barrow

Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller