Move your users to Gmail's new look

Post date: 25-Nov-2011 14:55:24

Why wait? Move your entire domain to Gmail’s new look today!

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 06:16 PM PST

We encourage Google Apps™ administrators to manage the rollout of Gmail’s new look to their users, so they’ll have a better experience when the new look becomes permanent.

To assist with this, a new check-box is now available in the administrator control panel giving administrators the ability to make the new look the default for all their users immediately. Administrators cannot revert this change, but individual users can temporarily switch back to the old look.

You can give your users all the information they need to make a smooth transition to the new look by visiting our Google Apps Learning Center, where you'll find ready-to-use guides, presentations, and videos on the new look for Gmail as well as other services.