Google release new features

Post date: 25-Nov-2011 15:10:33

Scheduled Release track features update 22/11/2011

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 06:51 PM PST

The following features are now available to domains following the Scheduled Release track:


The ‘Manage this domain’ link for administrators has moved from its current location at the top right of the inbox, to the bottom right corner of the inbox, just underneath ‘Last account activity’. This link will not show if Tasks or a chat mole is open. If an administrator account switches to Gmail’s new look, the ‘Manage this domain’ link moves to the 'Settings' gear menu in the upper right of the Gmail inbox.

Gmail Contacts:

Browse the Google Apps directory from within Gmail Contacts

Users can browse the entire Google Apps directory for their domain from within Contacts without having to search. This is especially useful when a user doesn’t know the exact name or spelling of the person they’re looking for or wants to see a complete list of contacts for their domain in alphabetical order. Just click “Directory” in the left sidebar from within Contacts in Gmail to get started.


Ability to restrict the download of non-Google file types in Google Docs. This restriction can be applied to .ppt, .pdf, video, and image files.

The following features are intended for release to these domains on November 29th: