Google™ phasing out Postini

Post date: 24-Aug-2012 14:39:56

Google plans to shut down Postini, the popular e-mail security and archiving solution, shifting users over to Google Apps™ in 2013. Saying that it has spent the last year building Postini's features into Google Apps for Business, a professional suite, and Google Apps Vault, an e-mail archiving and discovery service.

  • Google Apps™ for Business: A professional suite of hosted email, calendar, and collaboration services.
  • Google Apps Vault: Archiving and discovery services for email.

"With this transition to Google Apps™ you can still receive similar email security, protection, and archiving, but through the more robust Google Apps™ service," Google said in a company blog post. "Google Apps™ also works with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, so you don't need to switch to Gmail."

From our point of view at Aragorn, we see this as an excellent opportunity to move your email solution to the Google Apps Email platform!

Google said the transition will occur over the course of 2013, with customers receiving information about the transition process at least 60 days before their migration is scheduled to begin. Customers who do not wish to transition to Google Apps will see their Postini service terminated at the end of their contract.

The customer’s Postini services will be converted as follows:

Postini currently has about 26 million users with many of then using other email platforms..

The video below offers a bit more about the transition:

Our consultants at Aragorn Consulting can guide you through this process, for more information please contact us.

Read the FAQ on the Postini help site

By Chris Barrow

Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller