Google announces Janet agreement for the UK education sector

Post date: 09-Oct-2013 09:01:42

The "Cloud Services for Education Agreement" signed by Google and Janet will help UK educational institutions reduce time and cost when deploying Google Apps.

Janet, is a UK education body that sets the standards for technology in schools and universities

Janet has worked closely with Google to define and refine the full set of documents covering the terms and conditions for the use of Google applications in Higher and Further education. It includes due diligence on over 40 pages of contractual documents which will be maintained and reviewed regularly. This is a big saving in time an effort for educational institutions with Janet having already done the work for them.

Google claims that over a third of UK colleges and universities are already using Google Apps for Education, which, in addition to Gmail and Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations), also includes Google Hangouts, Google Groups, Calendar and Sites.

The other companies signed up there services to the "Cloud Services for Education Agreement" are Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Amazon.

By Chris Barrow

Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller