Going Google™

Post date: 02-Nov-2012 16:01:59

What do the following companies have in common, Jaguar Land Rover,ITV, Rentokil, Spec Savers, Ocado and BBVA? They have all gone Google.

As companies start to wake up to the reality that they no longer need costly office based servers to host their email and back office systems, they are starting to look around at the options available. This is where cloud based solutions come into their own, there is no large upfront cost, no servers to set-up and maintain and usually an affordable pay monthly plan with no ongoing commitment.

The cloud is a great leveller, where small to medium businesses can afford to have the same business solutions as the multi million pound companies. It has never been so inexpensive to set up a full set of IT business solutions for a company, with anything from email, CRM solutions, accounting packages, project management tools and VOIP solutions all being available for a very small cost if not in some cases free.

The two main players fighting it out in the Market place are Google and Microsoft. Microsoft are the incumbents with the a huge market share in office server based solutions, the new boys on the block wadding in with a cloud based office solution are Google with the Google Apps set of solutions. Not to be outdone in the cloud arena Microsoft have waded in with their latest cloud based office solution, Office 365.

As to which is the best solution, there are many arguments on both sides and both products have made progress over the last 12 months, though Google undoubtedly hold a significant lead in terms of the shear pace of development and innovation. My vote goes to Google, then I am a little bias.

By Chris Barrow

Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller