Vault is the next generation governance product from Google combining eDiscovery, archiving, records/information management, and analysis capabilities in a single solution for Google Apps™.
  • Increases enterprise-class data management capabilities in Google G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise™
  • Protects business from legal and other risks
  • Brings eDiscovery to many businesses that could not previously deploy a solution due to cost & complexity
  • Provides a platform to manage all Google data types
  • Turns eDiscovery into compelling driver for Apps & Cloud

Product Summary

Google Apps™ Vault
Enables users to archive, manage and preserve Gmail and on the record chats for information governance, eDiscovery and regulatory investigations designed to reduce costs and risks


Messages and on-the-record chats are securely managed in-place, with no need to duplicate the data

Define retention policies to ensure business critical data is preserved and properly managed


Search, identify, preserve and collect data based on custodian, content and metadata

Why do I need it?

  • Vault helps you be prepared for a lawsuit (or similar)
  • Reduces cost and risk associated with discovery
    • Standard policies help keep what you need, get rid of what you don't want
    • Legal hold to meet obligations
    • Less email for review -> lower review costs
  • Can also help with knowledge management
    • Employee leaves company, easily get to emails on specific projects etc...
  • Retrieve messages accidentally deleted by users (within standard retention periods)