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New Product: Google Apps™ Password Sync for Active Directory

posted 31 May 2012, 08:22 by Chris Barrow   [ updated 25 Feb 2013, 11:46 ]
Just released, the new Google Apps™ Password Sync (GAPS) allows Google Apps admins to synchronize their users' passwords from Active Directory to Google Apps as they are changed.

Just what the doctor ordered, this compliments the Active Directory LDAP tool which syncs your users information with Google, it is a standalone install and at the moment only works with Microsoft Active directory.

Passwords changed in Active directory will be changed in Google Apps. It is one way sync so you can stop users changing their passwords in Google Apps and have the whole thing managed centrally in active directory.

What’s new:
  • Sync passwords as they are changed - no need to wait for a scheduled sync
  • Secure - passwords aren't saved anywhere except on your Active Directory and Google Apps, and are transmitted hashed and encrypted
  • Quick to set up - installation takes only a few minutes per server

By Chris Barrow
Aragorn Consulting - Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller